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NexoFX Traders Limited

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24/7 DDoS protection

Nowadays, hackers’ attack is quite a widespread thing. In general, the attacks are arranged by competitors or fraudsters in order to destabilize the site’s work and getting financial gain. Our experts do their best to maintain the normal platform’s operation and protect users from DDoS and other kinds of hackers’ attacks.

Encryption technology

Safety of every client’s data is one of the basic tasks of our experts. In order to provide the high-level protection of any data which is provided by our clients we use and extended HTTPS protocol. Also, we use SSL-protocol for providing an additional level of encryption. This allows ensuring as high degree of the users’ data protection as it is possible.

Investors protection

Money and all the information are under the multilevel systems’ protection which allows to provide safe storage and transmission of all the provided by our users' data. Our systems give a 100% guarantee protection from any kinds of hackers’ attacks which is needed for providing normal site’s operation.